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6-1 Multi-Tool Pen in Brass finish
Gentlemen's Hardware - Brass-finish 6-in-1 multi-tool pen Brass-finish 6-in-1 multi-tool pen from Gentlemen's Hardware! A gentleman does not go down on equipment. With this compact all-in-one multi-tool pen you are well dressed for casual everyday problems. The brass colored stylus pen holds: Two...
€28.00 €23.33
Credit Card Multi-Tool Titanium
From a bottle opener to a saw, you'll always have the right tool at your fingertips when needed! This is the little gadget that you never knew you needed – the Gentlemen's Hardware Credit Card Tool is no bigger than a credit...
Manicure Set
Gentlemen's Hardware - Manicure Kit Manicure set from Gentlemen's Hardware including four tools in a nice, durable, polyester case with zip closure! Nail clipper File Tweezers Scissors Comes in a nice gift box:35x130x91 mm.
€35.00 €29.50
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Camping Cutlery Tool
Gentlemen's Hardware - The only tool you'll probably ever need by the campfire! Gentlemen's Hardware Camping Cutlery Tool, is a multi-functional and exceptionally durable cutlery tool with a fork, knife, spoon, corkscrew, bottle and can opener, as well as a...
Metal Tin Lunch Box Silver
In the metal tin lunch box from Gentlemen's Hardware you can store your sandwiches... or gear. The Gentlemen’s Hardware snap-shut aluminum lunch tin box can serve you well on the job, in nature or at home as an interior accessory. It...
Key Multi Tool
Gentlemen's Hardware - Can't get enough of tool gadgets? Stainless steel multi-tool, features a matte grey finish and 14 functions! Line cutter Wire stripper Nail pry Ruler File Small flat head screwdriver Large flat head screwdriver 4 mm hex key...
Credit Card Multi-Tool Stainless Steel
From ruler to bottle opener you’ll always have what you need for the job This clever brass-style credit card multi-tool combines an array of handy tools in one credit-card-sized solution.  Can opener Knife Screwdriver Ruler Bottle opener Spanners in different...
Enamel Mug The Adventure Blue
Gentlemen's Hardware - The Adventure Mug Blue enamel mug with white text "The Adventure Begins" Enjoy a cup of tee or coffee in this lovely enamel mug. It's lightweight and durable making it perfect for any camping or hiking trip! Great companion for backpacking,...
Kitchen Multi Tool
Gentlemen's Hardware - Kitchen Multi Tool Kitchen Multi Tool from Gentlemen's Hardware with twelve useful kitchen tools that can all be folded and stored almost everywhere! The Multi Tool also splits into two pieces to make your life even easier....
Pocket Multi Tool Pliers
Gentlemen's Hardware - Mini-Sized with maximum usability! Multi-Tool Pliers with 5 fold-out functions including pliers, knife, file and 2x screwdrivers. Comes in a nice metal tin:90x63x19 mm
Water Bottle 500ml
Gentlemen's Hardware - Keeps drinks cool for 12 hours Stainless steel water bottle. "The Adventure Begins" 500ml Stainless steel
Cocktail Shaker No. 139
Gentlemen's Hardware - Classic Stainless Steel Cocktail Shaker Show off your mixology skills to friends and family with the Gentlemen's Hardware classic stainless steel cocktail shaker! The shaker has e cool hammered-effect design and comes complete with lid and strainer....
€35.20 €29.50
Hip Flask Adventure
Gentlemen's Hardware - The Adventure Begins Hip flask from Gentlemen's Hardware with rounded edges and a nice grey metallic color! "The Adventure Begins" 180 ml. 125x85x20 mm. Stainless steel
€45.00 €38.00
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Globe With LED City Lights
Gentlemen's Hardware - It’s a big world out there as this 12-inch globe light proves. Plug it in, give it a whirl and marvel at the world’s night time city lights. Comes with a sturdy stainless steel base and is...
€133.50 €116.48
Small Shoe Shine Travel Kit
Shoe shine travel kit Comes with two brushes, black polish and neutral polish all wrapped up in a smart grey zipped case ready to chuck in your luggage. 170x110x65 mm.
Shoe Shine Travel Kit Leather Style
Shoe shine travel kit Gentlemen's Hardware shoe shine kit comes with brushes, black polish and neutral polish all wrapped up in a stylish, zipped, case ready to chuck in your luggage. Pack size: 170x110x57 mm
Whiskey Chillers
Gentlemen's Hardware - Whiskey Stones Whisky stones that keeps your favourite malt chilled without dilution! A perfect gift for whisky lovers. Made from granite and soapstone 6 stones Includes velvet bag Comes in a nice gift box:90x90x22 mm.
Enamel Mug - The Adventure Cream Color
Gentlemen's Hardware - Enamel Mug Cream Enjoy a hot cup of tee or coffee in this adventure enamel mug. It's lightweight and durable making it perfect for any camping or hiking trip! Great companion for backpacking, family camping, or any outdoor activities. The enamel mug...
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